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Saturday, June 10th. 11am – 1 pm.

Anna Pettit Story

by her mother Amanda Pettit

Anna sings Arias from Operas like an Angel. 

What’s so special about that? Anna has severe regressive Autism. 

Anna was a normal baby. At 15-months the sweet little girl we knew began to vanish a little more each day until she was completely replaced with someone we didn’t even recognize. She blankly stared into space, screamed incessantly 24/7, tore her clothes off constantly, became completely nonverbal and began to exhibit very strange behaviors. We were told when she was just 6 years old that she’d NEVER regain language and would never be able to function in any normal manner and we might as well just put her in a home.

Her IQ was 56.   But step by step through a very difficult journey God wrought a miracle in this girl’s life.  God gave her a gift of amazing auditory memory and I suspected she could sing.

When she was 13.  I asked a music professor to take her on as an experimental project. He was skeptical at first, as he knew nothing about autism. He agreed to work with Anna.  Within a 10 minute session he said, “This girl can sing.”  We discovered she could memorize songs in other languages like Italian and German Arias in just days. God has helped Anna to overcome many very difficult obstacles.  

The Best way to sum up this amazing story in Anna’s life is found in
Ecclesiastes 3:11
“He hath made everything beautiful in his time.”

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