Titanic Welcomes Special Guest. Carson Hayes Cello Performance

Saturday, June 10th. 12pm – 1 pm.

Carson Hayes Story

by his mother Kim Hayes

Carson Hayes is a smart, witty, creative, and loving kid. From a very young age, Carson struggled with sensory processing disorder, causing him to have many struggles with normal, daily activities. Sounds were especially hard for him. One day, Knoxville Youth Symphony playing at the library while we were there. The sound was too much for Carson and caused him a lot of anxiety.

After many hours of occupational speech, and physical therapy, he overcame his aversion to sound and many other sensory things. He now plays with the Knoxville Symphony Youth Orchestra. He started violin in kindergarten and moved to his true love cello in 2nd grade.
Now, years later, music is an important part of his life.

It has not always come easy, but he has worked through every cello piece diligently. In the past few years, a diagnosis of ADHD has caused attention struggles with new music, and he continues to work through it almost every day. Carson uses his ADHD as a strength and not a weakness.

Reservation required as many days sold out.