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I love Dad on Mondays when he wakes me up for school. He tickles me and sings a song. I think he’s really cool.

I love Dad on Tuesdays when the sun is shining bright. We play outside till bedtime, then he tucks me in at night.

I love Dad on Wednesdays when he listens to my dreams. He always has some good advice. We make a perfect team.

I love Dad on Thursdays when he fixes broken toys. He’s patient, kind, and caring and he loves his little boys.

I love Dad on Fridays when he takes me for a ride. We go to places boys should go. He’s always by my side.

I love Dad on Saturdays -the weekends finally here. We wake up early, snuggle tight,  all fears – they disappear.

I love Dad on Sundays when God provides us with some rest. God blessed me with a perfect Dad. I think he is the best.