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Myth Busters:
Do you know the realTITANIC Museum Attraction?                        
Myth:  The Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge is probably just another tourist trap.
Fact:  Absolutely not.  Endorsed by the world-famous Titanic Historical Society, Titanic Museum Attraction is an internationally recognized living museumthat holds the largest display of Titanicartifacts anywhere.  Our more than 2.5 million visitors can attest to its authenticity—from unparalleled attention to detail, design and installation to its exact recreations of some of the ship’s most-famous architectural features.
“It’s a museum not to be missed.” — USA TODAY
Myth:  Some Titanic“artifacts” on display just have to be replicas.
Fact:  False. The more than 400 genuine Titanic artifacts our galleries display are valued above $4 million and hold documented evidence of provenance.  Not one has been altered, forged, stolen or looted. 
“Visitors receive a boarding pass in the name of an actual passenger, whose fate
they learn at the end of the visit…” The New York Times, March 14, 2012
Myth:  The Titanic Museum Attraction is not recommended for kids.
Fact: False. Children five years and older are fascinated and really get it.  They describe their museum experiences with words like “awesome, “cool” and “really cool.”  The museum attraction is a living classroom filled with hands-on opportunities that motivate, educate and inspire.  Every child receives a special boarding pass profiling a youngster who actually sailed on Titanic.  We even created a special audio tourjust for kids and our onboard Scavenger Hunt adds to the excitement.  When you book your tickets ask for the audio tour.  Kids love it.   Plus they will hear actual passengers who were on Titanic.  Recorded by the museum owner for his Titanic television specials.
Voted one of five museum exhibits sure to “delight kids and parents” by The Dallas Morning News
Myth:  The outside is impressive, but the inside is probably hokey.
Fact: False. No one who tours our museum finds it hokey.  “Disney-like,” “stunning,” “elegant and inspiring”—these are the words visitors use to describe the interior.  Titanic Pigeon Forge is a $25 million property built half-scale to the original from the actual plans Harland & Wolff used to build Titanic.  Everything here reflects the grandeur and old-world craftsmanship of the original ship.  Our hand-crafted Grand Staircase cost over $1 million to build and is the only one in the world that accommodates visitors.  Step foot on it and walk its stairs, just like Titanic passengers on the original.
  Excellent!  Worth the money!” Trip Advisor

 Other Questions Answered:

1. Why do you decorate at Christmas? Titanic didn’t sail at Christmas time.

We decorate the Titanic Museum Attraction at Christmas based on what she might have looked like if she did sail at Christmas. She was built during the Edwardian Era and our #Christmas decor reflects that same Era. 

2. Why do you have a Titanic Fantasy Princess at the Titanic? 

She is the keeper of all of the memories of the 2,208 passengers and crew who sailed Titanic and she is the keeper of all of YOUR dreams and wishes today. 

3. Why can’t we take photos inside the museum? 

The primary concern of our museum is to safeguard the artifacts. That must always come first. The second concern is to make those objects available for the purpose of education, research and enjoyment. In addition, some of the artifacts on display are on loan from Titanic collectors and they are copyrighted. Legally, we cannot allow photographs within our museums. Everyday our Titanic Museums serve as a moment of reflection as to what that April night back in 1912 must have been like for the 2,208 passengers and crew of the RMS Titanic.


 We invite YOU to come visit us at the ship and experience myth busting first hand.
Reservations are requested to guarantee a boarding time

     Thank you to all of our amazing guests, visitors, and friends for joining us in honoring the 2,208 passengers and crew of the Titanic. We are thankful for you.  
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