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As Chief Purser at the Titanic Museum Attraction, our Captain gave me special approval to bring my family in to get a sneak peek at all of the Christmas decorations inside the Titanic Museum Attraction in Branson, Mo. After all, if I haven’t seen them, I can’t tell all of you about them. I have to say that the crew really outdid themselves this year. The decorations are absolutely breathtaking.

My boys were really looking forward to seeing the iceberg. It is a REAL living, growing iceberg. They were curious to see if it had gotten any bigger.

Parents, this iceberg provides a perfect learning opportunity. How are icebergs formed? How big can they get? We have a few science lessons available on our website at . If you do one of these lessons before your tour and then talk about the lesson as you go through the museum, it will bring the lesson to life for your children.

My oldest son loves the giant Titanic model. He is fascinated by it. When you are there, ask a crew member to shine a light in on the windows of the model. I won’t tell you what you’ll see. I want it to be a surprise. It took the artist 2 years to build this ship. It is just amazing and we are very lucky to have such an exhibit.

If you love dogs, you’ll love this next part of our tour. By the way, this next part is only in Branson, Mo. Our Pigeon Forge location doesn’t have a dog exhibit. Now, you ask, “Why dogs?” Well, there were 10 dogs that traveled on Titanic in 1912. Molly and Carter are our 2 King Charles Spaniels who represent the 10 dogs. Their kennel, pictured here, cost $1M to construct. They will be turning 5 on Thanksgiving weekend and we will have a giant birthday celebration in their honor. Click here for details. 

If you would like to teach your children about the 10 different breeds of dogs that were on Titanic, visit our Molly and Carter page. It is very interesting to see what kinds of dogs people had as pets, 101 years ago. Again, your children will learn so many valuable things, but because the museum is set up as an interactive attraction, they won’t realize that they are learning.

After we spent time with Molly and Carter, we were off to see the Grand Staircase. I couldn’t wait. It’s my favorite part of the museum. Mostly because it really makes me feel like I am a passenger on the ship, on my way to a fancy party. My children look at it as a competition – who can reach the top first. Did you know that our Titanic Museum Attraction owners built the Grand Staircase from original Harland and Wolfe architectual plans? I can’t explain to you in words the beauty of this Grand Staircase. The Edwardian Style Christmas decorations are exquisite and the atmosphere is truly magical.
Titanic didn’t sail at Christmas, but if she had, we believe she would have looked like this. We decorate at Christmas to honor the 2,208 passengers and crew of Titanic in hopes that their legacy will go on.

The tour continues up the stairs where you will see a 1st class stateroom, Molly Brown’s Gallery which will be leaving Branson at the end of the year, and you will see several interactive rooms full of learning opportunities.

 Your family can enter the Captain’s bridge and learn about all of the equipment it takes to run and steer such a huge ship. They can actually put their hands in 28 degree water and see how long they can withstand the frigid temperature. They can feel how steep the ship decks became as Titanic descended into the water. They can sit in an actual size lifeboat and hear actual Titanic passengers tell their stories. And, what kid doesn’t want to learn how to send an SOS signal? You can do that too. Also, available online are additional educational lessons to back up what they learn in these interactive rooms.
At the end of your tour, you can meet Polar. He is an interactive digital bear. He talks to the children about Titanic and they can actually talk back to him. This is a high tech interactive feature that my boys really think is entertaining. On your tour, you can find out why Polar came to be. It is a history lesson straight from Titanic and its sure to pull at your heart strings.

At the end of the tour is the gift shop brimming with one of a kind original gifts and collectibles. It’s especially beautiful at Christmas. My children especially love the toy section. Our favorite is the coby blocks available in the gift shop. They built the ship last year and it is on display in our house. These are blocks that are compatible with legos.

We spent almost 2 hours touring the Titanic Museum Attraction. We stopped for a few more photos outside the ship. There are some really pretty Christmas props outside perfect for photo opportunities.

As you can see, this is a history lesson full of interactive exhibits decorated beautifully for Christmas. We have amazing events planned including fireworks and snow in Pigeon Forge, Tn. and a Fantasy Princess that will make her rounds at both locations. Oh and we are open year round!  The only days we are closed are Christmas Day and January 6-9, 2014 in Branson and January 13-16, 2014 in Pigeon Forge. We close for those 4 days each year so that we can clean the ship from bow to stern and install new galleries and exhibits. We change every year. So, each year, there are new reasons to visit the Titanic Museum Attraction – a continuous history lesson in honor of the 2,208 passengers and crew of the RMS Titanic.
Peace and Blessings be with You and Yours this Holiday Season, 
Chief Purser
Erin Wicker
  and family. 🙂

P.S. write me and tell me about your Christmas trip to Titanic. I would love to hear from you!

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