Titanic Museum is closed at this time.
At this time we are unable to answer your questions.

Check back for reopen date.

As the U.S. faces a pandemic, the advice is consistent and clear:

Don’t panic, but be smart. Understand the risks and take the necessary precautions. The next few weeks we will navigate through the tricky weeks ahead.

How long will the Titanic Museum be closed?

Titanic Museum Attraction is closed until further notice.

The Titanic Museum has alerted our crew to stay home.

As owners of the Titanic Museum Attractions in Branson, MO & Pigeon Forge, TN we realize this is a very difficult time. We offer this advice:

Love your Child with sweet surprise notes.
Think of an old Friend.
Wave at your Neighbor.
Share your thoughts with your family.
Take a moment for yourself.
Be there for someone else.
Watch the Sunset.
Look forward to the Sunrise.

While the risks and long term impacts of the coronavirus change everyday, we’ve learned from other global outbreaks that no one can predict with certainty how hard and how long our communities will be impacted. So, it is with an abundance of caution that we will temporarily cease boarding passengers on our Titanic Museum Ship until the virus is under control. We will continue to update you on fast-breaking developments..and on our plans to welcome you back.

We are all part of a vigorous, hospitable and family oriented community with a responsibility to look out for one another, that’s what we do at the Titanic Museum in Branson, MO & Pigeon Forge, TN, and together will weather this storm. We are grateful for your understanding and for being the best part of our lives at the Titanic Museum Attractions.

John and Mary Joslyn
Owner of the Titanic Museum Attractions
Branson, MO & Pigeon Forge, TN.

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Calling all Students!

Titanic Museum Attraction is now offering a FREE Virtual Tour via our Youtube channel: Titanic kids. Visit our website or click here to step onboard!

Titanic Virtual Tour

Visit our titanic museum educational tab and see other activities you and your child can do together.

Titanic Education Guide

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Storytelling with First Class Maid Jodi

Join us Monday-Thursday at Noon for storytelling with First Class Maid Jodi. She will share inspirational passenger stories that illustrate HOPE, COURAGE, and RESILENCE. On Fridays at Noon, First Class Maid Jodi will do a LIVE Titanic Book Read. We look forward to your Virtual visit!

Until we open our doors again,
Peace to you and yours!
Titanic Museum Attraction

Titanic Storytelling

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The Titanic Museum Attractions in Branson, MO and Pigeon Forge, TN are excited to join the podcast network. We will bring weekly podcasts sharing Titanic Crew and Passenger Stories, Behind the scene crew experiences as well as round table crew discussions.

How do we pay respect to the the passengers and crew of Titanic? We simply tell their stories.

Titanic Podcast 4/02/2020

The Titanic Story of Reverend John Harper

Click here to view all Titanic Podcasts

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When the Music Stopped….the Legend Began!
In 2020: $1.7 million dollar Titanic Violin in Pigeon Forge

When: July 1 – December, 2020
Where: Titanic Pigeon Forge

RMS Titanic bandleader Wallace Hartley’s violin, which sold for $1.7 million dollars, the highest price ever paid for any RMS Titanic artifact, has only been seen in public in two places, The Titanic Museum Attractions in Branson, MO. & Pigeon Forge, TN.

Now this silent witness of the Titanic disaster is set to kick-off Titanic Pigeon Forge’s new 2020 summer season with an exclusive, encore engagement, July 1 – December, 2020, announces, President, COO and Co-Owner, Mary Kellogg.

“The Hartley Titanic violin is the single most requested and important artifact our visitors have asked to see again. I really feel that’s because this fragile reminder of Titanic’s final moments plays on untapped emotions that touch the heart,” says Mary Kellogg. “We are grateful and honored to be chosen, above all others, to display this extraordinary piece of Titanic history…and we thank Henry Aldridge and Sons in England, representatives of the anonymous owner, for trusting us with this prized possession.

In 2005 the Hartley Titanic violin was found and authenticated though testing. It was later sold at auction by Henry Aldridge and Son for $1,700,000, by far the highest ever paid for memorabilia tied to Titanic. “I can’t think of anything else that is more iconic to come off that ship,” says veteran collector& attorney, Craig Sopin.

Some will hear its silent message.
All will feel a presence that’s
impossible to ignore

Click Here to Order Tickets

For more information, please contact us at 800-381-7670.

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When: Monday, June 8, 2020
Time: 9am to 2pm
Where: Titanic Pigeon Forge
Cost: $20.00 per Educator

Lunch, A Guided Discovery Tour, Hands on Connection Experience and a 5 Hour Attendance Certificate included. Appropriate for all grade levels and subjects!

Michelle Fahidy at (800) 381-7670

or Email: Michelle.Fahidy@Titanicattraction.com

*** Book early – This session usually sells out quickly ***
(Registration Deadline June 1, 2020)

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11 Months to build. 56,000 LEGO® Bricks. 26ft x 5ft.

A 10 year old boy from ICELAND had a dream to build the World’s Largest Titanic Model with LEGO® BRICKS. It was a daunting, 11 month undertaking with his Autism. His inspiring story has generated wide media, where he shared his story in his own words.

Now, following international acclaim, the Titanic Museum Attraction has this Titanic masterpiece built with LEGO® BRICKS on display for its USA debut, as an exclusive, featured attraction!

Q & A with “Lego Boy” Brynjar Karl

For more information, please contact us at 800-381-7670.

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See Titanic in a Whole New Light, in the Dark!
A Night at the Titanic Museum Flashlight Tour!

When: July 11,18, 25
Where: Titanic Pigeon Forge
Time: After Titanic Ship Closes
Cost: $30
Includes: Private Titanic self-guided tour & Titanic Keepsake Flashlight

When the lights go out, and the museum is empty imaginations run wild and spirits soar. Now, students can experience this haunting phenomenon in a once “off limits” exploration of Titanic in the dark.

A Titanic crew member will guide the way, along with your official complimentary Titanic flashlight to help shed light on a maze of Titanic myths, mysteries, legends and facts!


Reservations Required.
To reserve your tickets, please call 800-381-7670.

Call (800) 381-7672

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Titanic Calling All Teachers!

All year in 2020 all teachers will receive a complimentary Titanic ticket.

Call and make your reservations – 800-381-7670.

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