Titanic Museum Attraction Christmas and Winter Celebration
Now – December 31st, 2019
Titanic Pigeon Forge

Inside and out, Titanic is magical during the winter holidays. The sights, sounds and joy of the season are sure to hail the arrival of Christmas 2019. You’re invited to stop by November thru December for Titanic’s holiday spirit. The ship will be aglow. Come exchange greetings with our Titanic crew or enjoy the glittering lights and the festive decorations.

The Titanic Gift Shop will be open every day, including free public access to hundreds of unique Titanic Christmas gift ideas and collectibles to symbolize your love for Titanic.

For more information, please contact us at 800-381-7670.

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Once Upon a Christmas time at the Titanic Museum Attraction

Oh joy, the holiday season is almost here again! It’s my favorite time of year at the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge, because when guests come aboard, their smiles are bigger, their eyes are brighter and their spirits higher. Christmastime at Titanic fills every heart with fellowship and good cheer. The beauty and charm of our once-upon-a-time Edwardian Christmas will dazzle and truly amaze you, from your arrival at the White Star Line boarding station to the moment you depart through our magical Holiday Gift Shoppe.Children are awestruck by the glamour and glitter of it all.

More than $100,000 has been invested in all the trimmings: twinkling lights, lush garlands, wreaths and towering Christmas trees. Our cheery crew will join costumed merry-makers in stirring your memories of holiday gatherings gone by, while setting the scene for many more.

Every day, we remember and honor the men, women and especially the 133 children who sailed RMS Titanic’s maiden voyage in 1912. But it’s during this special time of year that you’ll truly experience what it was like aboard ship and how it might have looked on a Christmas voyage 104 years ago.

Come share the miracle of Christmas with us.

— Mary Kellogg, Co-Owner Titanic Museum Attractions

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For more information, please contact us at 800-381-7670.

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Shop the ship with Jamie every Thursday at 6pm Central on Facebook live.


Book a First Class Valentine’s Dinner at our Titanic Ship! Friday, February 14th, 7pm- 9pm.

Make your Valentine’s Day truly special with a romantic dinner aboard the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge in our ‘Secret’ Titanic First Class Dining Room! This elegant evening dinner is the perfect way to celebrate with your sweetheart. With beautiful recreations of rooms within the Titanic and painstaking attention to detail, this museum is well known for bringing the elegant Victorian period to life.

Five Different packages available:

Titanic “Secret” Dining Room Package:

  • First Class Valentine’s Dinner and Tour
  • In our Private ‘Secret’ Dining Room
  • (40 Couples/Tables)
  • $230 per couple

Serenade Music Package:

  • Valentine’s dinner in Titanic Music Gallery and Tour
  • Serenaded by over a 100yr old grand piano
  • (7 Couples/Tables)
  • $250 per couple

Elite Dining on the Famous Grand Staircase Package:

  • Grand Staircase Valentine’s Dinner and Tour
  • Limited number of tables at the most famous Grand Staircase
  • (4 Upper Tables/2 Lower Tables/6 Couples)
  • $280 per couple

Jack and Rose Grand Staircase Package:

*** Sold Out ***

  • Special table and seating under the famous Grand Staircase Clock
  • Only one table available
  • Valentine’s Dinner and Tour
  • (1 Couple/1 Table)
  • $325 per couple

Millionaire First Class Suite:

  • Party of 10 in our First Class Millionaire Suite
  • Valentine’s Dinner and Tour
  • $1250 for your entire group

Mark your calendars and Be Our Valentine…

Call (800) 381-7670

*** Book early – Last year sold out ***

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Come Celebrate Titanic’s
Sweetheart Month – February 2020

Renew Your Wedding Vows
on TITANIC’S Grand Staircase
and Become Part of History

At Titanic Pigeon Forge you can propose, get married, or renew your vows on our magnificent Grand Staircase – the world’s only exact recreation that is also available for use with your personal reservation.

Our Sweetheart Month celebration pays tribute to lovers everywhere, especially honoring the 12 honeymoon couples traveling on Titanic, and young brides-to-be, who sailed Titanic’s historic maiden voyage.

February is the perfect time to declare your romantic intentions. So come to Titanic in Pigeon Forge and let cupid be your guide to love and romance.

Reservations are required, so don’t delay.


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When: Monday, March 9, 2020
Time: 9am to 2pm
Where: Titanic Pigeon Forge
Cost: $20.00 per Educator

Lunch, A Guided Discovery Tour, Hands on Connection Experience and a 5 Hour Attendance Certificate included. Appropriate for all grade levels and subjects!

Michelle Fahidy at (800) 381-7670

or Email: Michelle.Fahidy@Titanicattraction.com

*** Book early – This session usually sells out quickly ***
(Registration Deadline February 10, 2020)

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2019 World Exclusive
The World’s Largest Collection of Last Remaining RMS Titanic Lifejackets Ever Seen.

A new Dimension in “Living Titanic Exhibits” at the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge, TN.

On Display Now!

For the first and only time, the largest assemblage of remaining RMS Titanic Lifejackets will be on exclusive display July 1, 2019 at the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, announces President, COO and Co-Owner, Mary Kellogg-Joslyn.

This is a stunning, world exclusive exhibit we’re extremely proud to bring to Branson and to millions of our Titanic followers,” says Kellogg-Joslyn. “There are only 12 KNOWN Titanic lifejackets left in the world. For the first time anywhere, 6 of these priceless artifacts will be here at the Titanic Museum Attraction. These jackets gave hope to the helpless, and what stories they could tell. During this rare event, our Titanic crew will speak for them.”

  • There were enough lifejackets to protect the 2,208 passenger/crew on board Titanic…but not enough lifeboats to save them all.
  • Lifejackets were made of hard cork and canvas, proving dangerous for many forced to jump into the water
  • A life boat drill was never held.

Click Here to Order Tickets

For more information, please contact us at 800-381-7670.

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11 Months to build. 56,000 LEGO® Bricks. 26ft x 5ft.

A 10 year old boy from ICELAND had a dream to build the World’s Largest Titanic Model with LEGO® BRICKS. It was a daunting, 11 month undertaking with his Autism. His inspiring story has generated wide media, where he shared his story in his own words.

Now, following international acclaim, the Titanic Museum Attraction has this Titanic masterpiece built with LEGO® BRICKS on display for its USA debut, as an exclusive, featured attraction!

For more information, please contact us at 800-381-7670.

Q & A with “Lego Boy” Brynjar Karl

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The Titanic Museum Attractions in Branson, MO and Pigeon Forge, TN are excited to join the podcast network. We will bring weekly podcasts sharing Titanic Crew and Passenger Stories, Behind the scene crew experiences as well as round table crew discussions.

How do we pay respect to the the passengers and crew of Titanic? We simply tell their stories.

Titanic Podcast 12/12/2019

The Titanic Story Of Colonel Archibald Gracie

Click here to view all Titanic Podcasts

For more information, please contact us at 800-381-7670.

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Titanic Calling All Teachers!

All year in 2018 all teachers will receive a complimentary Titanic ticket.

Call and make your reservations – 800-381-7670.

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