A Sweet Addition!
Titanic Museum Attraction Announces Expansion With
“The Titanic Frozen Custard & Chocolate Attraction”

Set to open in 2023, the museum attraction previews an exclusive look at the new experience, complete with a chocolate machine and a $100 frozen custard sundae.

The RMS Titanic served a variety of delicacies for passengers to dine on, including decadent desserts. American ice cream, made by combining sugar, milk, and cream, was served to Second-Class passengers, while First-Class passengers received a luxurious and delectable French-style ice cream, made with eggs that was thick, silky, and more of a custard, in texture.

The Titanic Museum Attraction wants guests to experience these desserts for themselves and – in anticipation of “National Sundae Day,” set to be celebrated on Friday, Nov. 11 – the iconic museum attraction announces a sweet expansion project: “The Titanic Frozen Custard & Chocolate Attraction,” a must-see, priceless experience that will offer custard, chocolate, special merchandise, and much more!

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