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Beginning March 16, the Titanic Museum Attraction will give away 1 product from our online gift shop each day as part of our 100th Year Sweepstakes, Titanic’s 30 Days of Giveaways. Each day, log on to our facebook page and enter to win a prize. One person will be chosen each day, beginning on March 17th to win a prize. No purchase is necessary, but you must be 18 years of age to enter and each winner must allow up to 30 days for delivery.

Here is a list of the products to be given away each day.

March 16th: T is for Titanic Book Set with Plush (link to view)
March 17th: Collector Set of 72 Cards (link to view)
March 18th: Doll 1st Class Maid 100 Anniversary (link to view)
March 19th: Book Titanic Survivor Violet Jessop by John Maxtone – Graham (link to view)
March 20th: DVD Treasures of the Titanic (link to view)
March 21st: DVD Titanic Secrets Revealed (link to view)
March 22nd: Collector spoon full color shield (link to view)
March 23rd: Trinket Box Titanic (link to view)
March 24th: Trinket Box Heart of the Ocean (link to view)
March 25th: Black Tote Small Canvas (link to view)
March 26th: Titanic Museum Puzzle (link to view)
March 27th: New York Times Compilation Reprint (link to view)
March 28th: 3D Titanic Wooden Puzzle (link to view)
March 29th: Book – T is for Titanic (link to view)ink
March 30th: Small Polar Bear & Book Gift Set (link to view)
March 31st: Polar the Titanic Bear Book (link to view)
April 1st: Book, The Sinking of Titanic by Bruce Caplan (link to view)
April 2nd: Book, A Night to Remember by SC Lord (link to view)
April 3rd: Water Globe (link to view)
April 4th: Book, 1912 Facts about the Titanic by Lee Merideth (link to view)
April 5th: Adult cap with Red Trim (link to view)
April 6th: Small Canvas Black Tote Bag (link to view)
April 7th: Adult Cap – Red 1912 (link to view)
April 8th: Titanic Historical Society Cobalt Mug (link to view)
April 9th: Titanic Bank (link to view)
April 10th: DVD Titanic Chronicles (link to view)
April 11th: Titanic Memorabilia Replica Pack (link to view)
April 12th: Doll 1st Class Maid 100 Anniversary (link to view)
April 13th: T is for Titanic Book (link to view)
April 14th: Necklace Titanic Coal Pendant with Rose (link to view)

Click HERE TO Enter. May the Luck of the Irish Be with you!!

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