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Who was in Love on Titanic in 1912? There were 12 NEWLYWED couples that sailed on the RMS Titanic. Nine of these couples were returning home to America from their honeymoons overseas; 3 were Newlyweds from other countries who were moving to America to start a new life together. Only 5 couples would survive together. 

Encyclopedia Titanica

“Meet” Dickinson and Helen Bishop – This couple were from Dowagiac, MI and they boarded Titanic at Cherbourg. According to the Encyclopedia Titanica, Helen was the first to get into Lifeboat #7; her husband followed. Helen was reported to have told a very interesting story on the lifeboat while awaiting rescue. She said that while her and her husband were honeymooning in Egypt, they visited a fortune teller. According to this fortune teller, they would survive a shipwreck and an earthquake. Then, she would lose her life later in a car accident. She explained to other passengers that they had to be rescued, according to her fortune. These events would all unfold during her life.

Lifeboat photo from Wikipedia

Later during a vacation in California, Mr. and Mrs. Bishop survived a giant earthquake. And finally, in 1913, a car accident put Helen in critical condition from a fractured skull. She recovered after a steel plate was placed in her head, but she suffered mentally from the accident and the couple ended their marriage in January 1916.

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