Announcing the Movies of Titanic
Virtual Titanic Film Day
Saturday, April 8, 2023.

For the first time anywhere, the Titanic Museum Attractions in Branson, MO & Pigeon Forge, TN will hold a virtual Titanic Film Day for two Titanic movies, announces Mary Kellogg-Joslyn, President/CCO and co-owner of the Museum Attractions.

For decades movie makers have been producing extraordinary films focused on the epic Titanic story. One has not been seen in over 75 years, until now. The films chosen for the one-day event will be available to registered guests to screen via on demand streaming Saturday, April 8th.

“L.A. Beadles”, Titanic Historian and host and creator of the podcast, Unsinkable: The Titanic Podcast, will be your host and will set up each film with an interview with the lead researcher and cast member of the film “The SIX” and with a published author and historian, about the “Titanic (1943)”.

A ticket pass for both films will be priced at $15.00. These two films will have a window for participants to view. The system will allow one viewing per film by each registered guest.

“The Six”

Of all the many stories told about passengers on RMS Titanic one remained a mystery – the untold story of the only Chinese on board. This documented film exposes the undercurrent of discrimination and racial barriers faced by six Chinese fishermen who survived the sinking. First release in 2020, this film has received international acclaim for its authenticity and clear-eyed look at the world in 1912. TITANIC’s James Cameron was executive producer.

“TITANIC (1943)”

This extraordinary (Nazi) film was lost to the world until it was rediscovered, restored and re-released in 2005. Filmed in the middle of World War ll by order of Hitler’s propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, it tell the Titanic story from an anti-capitalism point of view. Banned for political controversy, praised for its elaborate sets and innovative cinematography techniques.

The Titanic (1943) movie scheduled for viewing during the Virtual Titanic Film day, while noteworthy for its historical value, does not imply a Titanic Museum Attractions endorsement for its propaganda-filled content.

Register Here.

Your dollars will go to the Titanic Museum Historical Foundation Organization, a 501C non-profit. Its mission is the Preservation of the Titanic Museum artifacts/research files.